Giant Wall Circles

New in the range are the mega large wall circles! Are you going to make a statement too?

Your favourite stuff

Your quirky wall and home decoration webshop

Does your house collapse when you call out 'Ikea'? Or is everything personal and unique for you? In all cases you can indulge yourself in our webshop. No standard stuff here. Your Favourite Stuff designs and selects contemporary prints, patterns and designs especially for you. This gives your interior a very own twist. 

From wallpaper to beanbags

Sit back in your beanbag like a salt bag? Dining over your new tablecloth? You can find them all in our wall and home decoration webshop. We even have wallpaper with a textile or leather texture for you or how about seamless wallpaper with a pattern or a photo. Do you prefer a textile poster, photo on panel or a wall circle? No problem, you will also find them in all shapes and sizes. There are also cushions, fabrics and a trendy collection for the children's rooms. How about a duvet cover in the jungle look. 

Trendy wall circles

Are you looking for a trendy wall circle for the wall, then this is the right place for you. You can choose from three different materials and ten sizes from 20cm to 140cm. It is possible to place the smallest circles yourself instead of hanging on the wall. If you prefer to create your own Art Wall, this is of course also possible. Wall circles and Wallpaper circles are currently the trend and super hot! Especially the 'Old Masters' are popular. Unique at YFS is that we have selected cool prints for you from talented wall circles designers.

Tough, powerful and quirky

There is something for every taste in our web shop for home decoration. For example, go for a cool black and white pattern or a quirky print with lots of color. From botanical to graphic and from animals to a landscape: there is always a Favorite for you. We even thought of a wallpaper circle with jungle print. Which prints, patterns and designs you can choose from differs per item. And the nice thing is: the collection is constantly changing. So take a look regularly to discover new prints and products!

Quality and service

We find quality and service no more than normal. Do you have a question; Just Ask! You can always reach us via email, chat, contact forms, telephone and Whatsapp. However, we are not literally behind our screen 24/7, but will help you as soon as possible. In addition to friendly service, YFS also stands for quality. We use high-quality, durable materials and check your order before shipment. Our quality control must ensure that you receive a beautiful product. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will of course solve it.

satisfied customers

The wall circle of Delft Blue Leaves hangs. Beautiful!

What I definitely want to say; Compliments for your service.


Thank you very much for the Jungle Giraffe wall circle.

Yes, I didn't expect the animals to be that cool, so really beyond my expectations when I saw it. 😍

Thank you for the detailed response.
I think it would be better for me to choose the white PVC. Especially now that you have indicated how I can attach it to the wall….

So you certainly helped me.

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