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You are not a wallflower, but do you like something a little different? Then you've come to the right place. Because with the wall decoration of Your Favourite Stuff you give your own touch to your walls. From unique textile posters to trendy wallpaper.

Do you want a nice circle on the wall or no hassle with wallpaper glue? Which can. Also quickly achieving a complete metamorphosis is no problem. Take a look at the textile posters and wall circles. Even improving the acoustics is an option. Create your own unique personal atmosphere with the wall decoration of Your Favourite Stuff?

Acoustic art

Not every house has equally good acoustics. Don't like an ultrasound in your own home? Solve the problem in style with acoustic art. These are damping panels with a beautiful design. They remove the reverberation so that you can talk calmly again. Another plus is that the filling is made from recycled jeans. Also good for the environment.

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acoustic panel
wall circle forex

Wall circles

Can you no longer see the forest for the trees and do you turn a little in circles around the perfect eye-catcher? Then make your own creation. The collection of wall circles can be combined with each other so that you can decorate to your heart's content. For example, hang a few together for a playful effect or choose one in a prominent place.

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Wallpaper on a roll

Do you have the heart of a hippie and do you love flowers? Do you get zen from yoga postures or cheerful from botanical prints? You will find beautiful wallpaper for every taste and style. Which space are you going to tackle?

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urban jungle pattern
textile on the wall

Textile posters

If you think an entire wall is a bit too much of a good thing, consider a textile poster. Again, the variations are endless with, for example, a plant poster, flower poster, jungle poster or poster with a graphic design. We also have textile posters with, for example, happy rainbows, soothing palm leaves or cute monsters (yes, they exist). Just a bit more unique.

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XL wallpaper

Do you like a bit different, luxury and quality or
don't you want wallpaper on a roll? Then go for our luxurious XL photo wallpaper. This is a high-end matte and seamless wallpaper. Floor-to-ceiling without light reflection. With that you cover part of the wall or an entire wall in one go. Super handy.

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Do you want to make a statement? Then take a look at the visuals. Street Art fan? Or is Line Art more up your alley? Find your favorite here! Also suitable for outdoors. Can you picture it already; Graffiti in the garden?

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