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Prints of our designers

Seamless wallpaper, no more sticking jobs

Seamless Wallpaper and Seamless Photo Wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper is not always Seamless photo wallpaper. Your Favourite Stuff distinguishes between the different types of seamless wallpaper. If you choose seamless photo wallpaper, you literally select a wallpaper with a photo. Seamless pattern wallpaper is a wallpaper with a design, a pattern of one of our designers or from Studio YFS. Design wallpaper is not a photo, nor is it a print. This is, for example, a cool image or design from a designer consisting of one large print. Such as, for example, Seamless Design Wallpaper Jungle. this is a pattern and not a photo. we call this Seamless Design Wallpaper. Since this is an example specifically for the children's room, you can also find this print under the heading Seamless Wallpaper Children's Room.

Seamless Wallpaper in the Spotlight

Why choose Seamless Wallpaper

Seamless Wallpaper gives a very nice effect. The entire wall is provided with a very cool print in one go. Whether this is a pattern, a photo wallpaper or a wallpaper with your own image. Due to the range of different materials, there is a suitable type of wallpaper for every wall, so that you get a fantastic beautiful result.

4 different choices in the material

This wallpaper is really seamless. So do not stick jobs, as you are used to from wallpaper on a roll. You stick the wallpaper on the wall in one go. Your Favourite Stuff supplies 4 different materials: Sanotex, Airtex, WalltexPro and MultiTexPro. You can find the detailed specifications in the description of a product. You can choose from a 100% recyclable seamless wallpaper, a water-repellent top layer, a wallpaper that does not reflect light and the MultiTexPro, which has a smoothing, insulating and sound-absorbing effect, is a star.

How are you going to stick?

Seamless Pasting wallpaper is slightly different from sticking wallpaper on a roll. In the product description you will find a link to the manual. Do you want to quickly find this later? Take a look at the FAQ in the Footer. It is important that you stick together. You no longer stick from top to bottom, but from left to right. An extra pair of hands is nice. Of course you can also leave the sticking to a professional.

Manual Seamless wallpaper Sanotex, Airtex and

WalltexProManual Seamless wallpaper MultiTexPro

Check out a few examples below for inspiration.

inspiration Seamless Pattern Wallpaper

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