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Your Favourite Stuff has a quirky collection of home textiles with the best prints. This way you will always find a unique item for your interior. Have fun and complete your interior with large and small cushions, with a floral print or designs from nature. Treat yourself to a lovely beanbag to lounge in and dream away in. Style your table with a tablecloth, just because it is cozy. And if you are looking for something different for the bedroom, then you've come to the right place for great bedding. For now, first for the kids, but who knows, soon also for your own bedroom. 


A nice tablecloth brightens up any dining table. This way the food tastes even better if you are a top chef. Or do you conveniently hide it if you turn out not to be such a kitchen prince. Easily match the rug inside with the rest of your interior. Or take it outside and make a festive garden table or bomb the rug into a picnic blanket. Tablecloths are not only beautiful, but also useful. The wine is allowed to fall. You can spill the hot gravy. Your table will remain stain-free (if you don't make it too colorful).

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To kiss

Do you want a nice pillow for the sofa to curl up in or do you want a decorative pillow that fits perfectly with your beanbag or nursery? Then you will be happy with our collection of pillows. These are available in different sizes. A big one to relax on, a little one for your lower back. Or just a pillow for decoration and cosiness, that is also possible. We promise you: in our webshop every pillow can be kissed.

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Thud! After a long working day or at the weekend, you want to take a break. And then you not only want to sit comfortably, it also has to look cozy. With the trendy beanbags from Your Favourite Stuff that should work out completely. Don't fall asleep right away. Then you miss how beautiful they are.

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To Bed, To Bed!

Do you know that? Your children don't want to go to bed for a long time, because reading a book or watching TV is still much too much fun. But with the cheerful tinySTUFF stuff in their room, that becomes a lot easier. The duvet covers  for the children's room provide a stylish look. And the kids love to lie under it and curl up in it. And what's more fun than a pillow fight? Preferably in bed. On a very nice duvet cover with matching print.

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