Materials and Confirmation

How do I attach a wall circle to the wall?

If you have chosen a hanging plate for the wall circle, we recommend the manual 'Sticking instructions wall circle hanging system' to follow. 

What does Aluminum and White PVC look like?
material forex

White PVC

White PVC is a foamed PVC with a hard top layer, also known as Forex. This is super sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Keep in mind when unpacking and hanging up, that a large format is flexible.  The basic color is white. This shows that the border is white. The material has a thickness of 3mm. 

material dibond


Aluminum is super strong, light and sturdy, also known as Dibond. The material does not warp and is therefore very suitable for outdoor use. The top layer is white, which makes the print stand out very nicely. At the edge you can see that the panel has an aluminum color with a black core. The material has a thickness of 3mm.

Which surface is suitable for a self-adhesive wallpaper circle?

You stick the self-adhesive wallpaper circle quickly and easily bubble-free on any SMOOTH surface. Gekkotex, of which the wallpaper circle is made, is also water-resistant and virtually tear-resistant, while the special adhesive layer is not hard-adhering. As a result, it does not affect the underlying paint layers or wallpaper.

Note: Make sure the surface is dry. Let painted walls dry for at least two weeks (depending on the paint you use). Also make sure that the surface is free of grease and dust. 

Also check the manual 'Paste self-adhesive wallpaper circle'.

Request a sample. so you can test it yourself. Send us a message via the contact form and state with the request: Sample self-adhesive wallpaper. Your name and Your address. We will send you a piece to you.

What does a Textile Poster look like up close?
Detail textile hanger

Detail Textile poster

A textile poster or wall hanger comes with two wooden sticks and a leather cord. The wooden sticks and cord are supplied loose. It is easy to assemble and hang the textile poster yourself. Both materials are made from a natural product. In terms of color it may differ from the example. 

The fabric has a very fine structure and an almost smooth appearance. The stitching, for the realization of the tunnel, is white or black in color. The color of the stitching depends on the print. 

Acoustic material Acoustic Art
acoustic art

Acoustic material

With the AcousticPro® panels, the printed fabric is glued with acoustic material. The acoustic material consists of 90% cotton fibers from recycled jeans. Sound waves are well absorbed by these long fibers. YFS uses AcousticPro Premium panels. The premium panel has two layers of acoustic material for optimal performance.

Delivery, Returns and Complaints

Is an Acoustic Art delivered in its entirety?

Hell yes! All you have to do is attach the hanging system to the wall. Then you simply hang the panel in it and you are done. 

To be sure, also check the manual 'Mounting Acoustic Art'

When can I expect my order?

If you have placed an order, it will take about 3 to 5 days before you can expect your order at home. As soon as Your Favorite is ready for shipment, you will receive a link in the mail with a Track & Trace.

The day before delivery or on the day of delivery, the package is registered for shipment. At that moment a Track & Trace is created. The link becomes active when the package has actually been picked up and is on its way to you. 

Would you like to know when Your Favorite is scheduled for shipment? Feel free to contact us via the contact form, chat or whatsapp. Do you state your order number or your name?

I have a complaint. What now?

If you have a complaint, we find this very annoying for you. 

We would like to prevent complaints and resolve them where they arise. We need your help with this in order to be able to offer a good service.

Quality control

Before your order leaves the building, a final quality check is done. This way we know for sure that a product is coming your way in good condition. However, quality control is human work. If this just hits you, please let us know. 


During transport it can happen that something goes wrong. We try to prevent this by using a 'Carefree parcel service' as much as possible. Your package will then be handled with care and delivered in a friendly manner. In addition to the 'Carefree' service, we also use other parties, such as PostNL or DHL. In all cases where breakage is caused by transport, let us know.

How do you submit a complaint?

Go to COMPLAINTS follow the instructions and report the complaint. 

Manual and Assembly instructions

Paste self-adhesive wallpaper circle
Mounting Acoustic Art
Pasting instructions for wallpaper rolls
Mounting instructions wall circle hanging system
urban jungle pattern

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