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Outdoor living

Come on! Let's go outside.

Open the door and let the sun's rays shine in! The sign that we can go outside again. Super long dining, dining and drinks. Do you already see yourself and your garden?

The outdoor living is nowadays an extension of the living room. With the beanbags, garden cushions, garden circles and other accessories you can give your outdoor living a unique personal touch in an instant. 

Will you soon also relax in your own beanbag? Maybe you will enjoy daydreaming with your head on a super cheerful pillow. And your friends ask during the BBQ: "Where did you get that cool wall circle?". Then you say: 'No, that's a garden circle, cool isn't it!'.

Also give your own unique touch to your balcony, roof terrace, garden house, garden or for example the conservatory. Choose a favorite from the wide collection of prints and patterns from Studio YFS or ours designers. Do you need help or do you have a unique design yourself? Just Ask! Contact the studio.

With garden accessories you complete your outdoor living and every now and then your personal touch changes with the living trends. At the moment we see a lot of round shapes in the interior and the wall circles and wallpaper circles can no longer be ignored. They are hip and super cool on your wall. Of course we also see the garden circle appear. You can also make a complete wall art on the fence or outside wall. For example, hang various circles together or make a statement piece. A real attention-grabber is happening. This attention grabber does not have to be big, by the way. A statement piece can also be distinguished by a small, striking image in a prominent place on the wall. The choice and variation is yours. You can make your interior as personal as you want outside. 

We have divided the 'In de Tuin' collection into the products Beanbags, Garden cushions and Garden circles. You can of course also take the tablecloths outside, the garden posters are still on the planning and who knows more…. 

Did you ever think that your garden could be beautiful? Super nice to give the garden a bit of atmosphere! Oh yes, it might be nice to report; the garden circles are also available in an XXL version. Then take a look at the XXL Wall circles, they can also go outside. 

Check out a few examples below for inspiration. 



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19,95 - 39,95
19,95 - 39,95
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17,20 - 165,00


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