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on Demand

Ordering on demand is the key of YFS. Your Favourite Stuff will only produce an article when you, the customer, order. It may take a little longer to get it, but it is much better for our environment. This way we prevent unused high stocks, storage, unnecessary production and returns. 

Materials and recycling

The cotton that YFS uses for the products, such as for the pillows, is produced according to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) requirements. The BCI focuses on making cotton cultivation more sustainable and guaranteed quality.

For example, recycled jeans are used for the Acoustic Art panels. 

In addition, innovation constantly remains the basis for unnecessary pollution, the use of better materials and smarter packaging.

wall and home decoration webshop
wall and home decoration


Proper packaging of the products is essential for transport. We cannot escape this. We can, however, prevent additional actions. That is why we deliver in unprinted boxes, so that no extra ink has to be used and you can use the box again. The cardboard is also 100% recyclable.

quality control

Together we can make a difference!

After you've made an informed choice and found your favorite, it's our turn. Because before your unique item is shipped, there is always a quality check. This is to prevent returns. 

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