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Check your package immediately upon arrival

We recommend that you check your order immediately upon receipt. 

It is possible that you unexpectedly receive a product that is damaged during transport, where parts are missing or that has something else wrong with it. If you notice this upon receipt of the order, we will offer you a suitable solution as soon as possible.

simply report a complaint:

Register your complaint as soon as possible and within 7 days using the enclosed form. Important for handling the complaint are the photos of the damaged item, the order number and article number. We cannot process your complaint without the photos and these numbers. 

Do you have a complaint, but is an order number or article number not relevant? Then enter 1 at order number and article number, so that the field is filled.


However, YFS is not liable for additional costs arising from the complaint and the delay this entails. For example, a project that is delayed or a technician who is ready for you.