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Maaike is a graphic designer and founder of Little Smilemakers Studio. For almost 10 years she has run her own business creating print designs for clients all over the world. 
Her designs always start with pen and paper. The hand-drawn illustrations are later digitally converted and edited. Her love for drawing started at an early age and after her studies: graphic design & typography, she first started making house styles and corporate magazines for a design agency in The Hague. But really wanting to be creative: it kept itching. In addition to her full-time job, she took on design jobs and made prints for diaries and a bag line, among other things. Eventually she took the step to start for herself. 10 years later she works with clients all over the world. From baby diapers, dog accessories, to medical clogs and textiles, you can't imagine whether her prints are used for it. Perhaps you have already encountered a print 'in the wild'?
Little Smilemakers Studio is a creative design agency specialized in print designs. In addition to designing prints, you can also engage us to create a visual identity. We then work with our client to find a correct translation from brand to visual language. Knowing more? Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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