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I want to make the world a better place with everything I make

When I look into the world, I see a pattern, a drawing, an idea in everything. My inspiration can be anything and I find most of it close to home. Flowers that I find in a walk, a structure on a wall, animals and especially cats or just shapes. I love everything in this wonderful world. I am also always curious about various materials to draw and paint with. Although watercolor remains a favorite. I can recommend it to everyone, just drawing different circles that touch each other and then see how colors react to each other. I think that is magical. I think that as a person you never stop learning and I remain curious about all other materials and styles. I am also convinced that colors, shapes and beauty can positively influence us as humans and that is why I want to make the world more beautiful with everything I make.

Marjolein in wonderland

inspiration Marjolein in Wonderland

7,95 - 165,00

Wall circles

Wall circle Icecreams

7,95 - 165,00
7,95 - 165,00

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