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"Color is a force that directly affects the soul."

I believe in creativity and that you can make the world a bit more beautiful with it.

Every time I start making a new design I start by selecting the colors… and that always makes me happy!

My favorite quote is that of the artist Wassily Kandinsky: "Color is a force that directly affects the soul." I really believe in this and I experience it every time I am creating… ..

Usually I start from scratch with a piece of paper and a brush and the designs develop naturally as I work. The route can take a turn every now and then, but it always ends in a colorful artwork.

The designs can be used for clothing, wallpaper, bed linen, fabric, paper and so on ... for everything that needs a design.

I hope, together with the YFS team, can also bring some cheerfulness into your home!

Montuthu design Studio

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7,95 - 165,00
7,95 - 165,00

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