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Are you throwing a children's party or a chic dinner? With the tablecloths from Your Favourite STUFF it is always cozy at home. If you want to style a table nicely, start with a tablecloth. You have created a great effect in an instant.

The tablecloths are available in different sizes. We even thought of a 3-meter table! Safari Leopard The print, as shown in the detail image, is 50x50cm.

Tablecloth Big Leaves


At the table!

Nothing in life is better than food, right? But what makes eating with your friends or family that little bit more fun is the look of your table. With the quirky tablecloths, placemats and napkins from Your Favourite Stuff give your table that little bit extra.

Cozy tablecloths

A nice tablecloth brightens up any dining table. This way the food tastes even better if you are a top chef. Or do you conveniently hide it if you are not such a kitchen prince. Inside you naturally match them with the rest of your interior. For example by choosing a jungle tablecloth or great flowers. Tablecloths are not only beautiful, but also useful. The wine is allowed to fall. You can spill the hot gravy. Your table will remain stain-free (if you don't make it too colorful).

Prints galore

You will always find a favorite in our cozy collection of tablecloths. If you like polka dots, then a polka dot tablecloth will make you happy. They come in all kinds of color combinations and variations: from large to small dots and from colored to black and white. Or go for a cheerful tablecloth with flowers. That tastes like more! Children's party; we have also thought of that!

Material and Pattern

Because of the beautiful print quality and supple fabric, we have especially chosen the fabric Smooth Poly. A 100% polyester fabric of 210gr / m2. The pigment inks, water-based, provide an extraordinarily high color intensity. The image is therefore razor-sharp and also completely environmentally friendly.

The tablecloth can be washed at 30 degrees, but CANNOT be put in the dryer. Ironing can be done at a maximum of 110 degrees on the inside of the fabric. The fabric has a shrinkage of approx. 2%.

Once you have selected your favorite, the production process will start, because YFS delivers On Demand. This means no stock; an environmentally conscious choice.




120x120cm., 120x180cm., 140x180cm., 140x200cm., 140x240cm., 140x300cm., 140x340cm., 150x220cm., 150x250cm., 150x340cm.