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Seamless Design Wallpaper Jungle Birds by Night

You can give your interior a completely new look in an instant with the collection of design wallpaper from Studio YFS. The wallpaper has trendy prints. Studio YFS designs and selects the changing collection especially for you. This exclusive wallpaper has a beautiful textile look and is easy to apply.

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Seamless Design wallpaper

We use WalltexPro. The odorless, PVC-free, matt, water-repellent and scratch and impact resistant textile wallpaper. The wallpaper is floor-to-ceiling and seamless. This way you can give your interior a completely new look in an instant.

The light does not reflect on this wallpaper and is therefore very suitable for rooms where a lot of daylight enters.

The wallcovering can also be ordered room-high up to 304 cm and seamless up to 12 m. We recommend ordering the wallpaper in one piece. This way you get a complete and optimal result.

With WalltexPro® has high color intensity, a crease-free, sturdy top layer with a unique textile look.

For this type of wallpaper we recommend the Medium wallpaper glue. You don't have to mix this glue, you can apply it immediately to the wall. For non-absorbent and difficult to process surfaces, use Wallpaper Glue High


Features WalltexPro:

  • Exclusive textile wallpaper
  • PVC free, odorless
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Matte appearance, so no light reflection
  • Floor-to-ceiling and seamless

The exclusive wallpaper from YFS is a matte textile wallpaper. The wallpaper is odorless, water-repellent, scratch and impact resistant. This unique wallpaper consists of 100% polyester, is PVC-free and is therefore 100% recyclable.

The light does not reflect on the wallpaper, making it very suitable for rooms where a lot of daylight enters. The wall coverings are also floor-to-ceiling. Depending on the image, Studio YFS designs the print at a minimum height of 260cm. The width depends on the design.

The Seamless Wallpaper has a wrinkle-free, sturdy top layer with a unique textile look. This provides a warm appearance and a high lightfastness value. Water-based eco inks are used to apply the print.


TIPS for pasting wallpaper:

  • Have you opted for a large size wallpaper? Gluing wallpaper in pairs is more convenient and a lot cozier.
  • Make sure you have all materials at hand before you apply the wallpaper to the wall, such as a fur roller, block brush, wallpaper glue, snap-off knife, squeegee with felt and possibly fabric gloves.These materials can also be found under Your DIY Accessories
  • Provide a grease-free and smooth wall as a base.
  • If you stick the wallpaper on a highly absorbent surface, first treat the wall with wallpaper primer. Such as, for example, a plaster wall.
  • Don't be too sparing with the glue. Make sure you distribute the glue well. You can use the roller for the wall. The square brush for the edges.
  • Roll out the wallpaper a little bit and press firmly on the top and side. Roll the wallpaper a little further and smooth it well with the squeegee. You work from top to bottom and from the inside out.
  • Use a utility knife for finishing (for example with skirting boards) and immediately remove the excess glue with a wet cloth.

Check the full manual here.


It is possible to clean the wall covering. You can easily make the wallpaper dust-free with a lint-free cloth or a slightly damp cloth.




260 × 460, 280 × 480


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