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Your Favourite Stuff collaborates with designers. This creates a fine co-creation where designs and product come together, so that you as a customer can put together your own unique interior.

Zahra Nichlany

I basically learn how to draw by myself since a very early age. As I grew older I went to a graphic design university & and a fashion design college, but it's not really my calling, I'm more free spirited & just be creative by heart.

I'm very grateful that I can share my work and have the opportunity to expose my work in a modern way and on high quality products.

I hope you like my art, so your home or office will become my gallery.


                                                                                                         Zahra Nichlany 

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EDINAVARGA prints is a Germany-based surface and textile design studio. The studio presents a great variety of styles: geometric, abstract, floral, and modern conversational prints. The studio is named after Edina Varga-Bößling, who established it in 2020.

EDINA is a contemporary fashion and textile surface designer from Berlin with her roots in Hungary. She creates original prints for sale and she also creates custom made artwork. The designs are suitable for use in various industries such as womenswear, childrenswear, swimwear and home textiles. The over 200 unique designs in her collection are digitized accordingly to the high demands of the print industry.


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My love for design has always been there. After a creative education I worked for 5 years as a graphic and creative designer. After that I dared to take the plunge and started as a freelance illustrator.
The designs I make for the label 'Mijksje' are drawn and painted by hand; often watercolor and pen. This makes the designs unique, sweet and simple. The hanging-drawn style gives the designs a lively character. 
Bee 'Your Favourite Stuff'you can easily get Mijksje's designs into your home. Pillows, tablecloths, bean bags, you name it! 
Super fun if you have a share photo on social media of your chosen product! @mijksje_illustrations
Love Mijke
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Little Smilemakers Studio

Maaike is a graphic designer and founder of Little Smilemakers Studio. For almost 10 years she has run her own business creating print designs for clients all over the world.

Her designs always start with a pen and paper. The hand-drawn illustrations are later digitally converted and edited. Her love for drawing started at an early age and after her studies: graphic design & typography she first started making house styles and corporate magazines for a design agency in The Hague. 
But really wanting to be creative: it kept itching. In addition to her full-time job, she took on design jobs and made prints for diaries and a bag line, among other things. Eventually she took the step to start for herself. 
10 years later she works with clients all over the world. Baby diapers, dog accessories, medical clogs and textiles, you can't think of it as crazy as her prints are used for it. Perhaps you have already encountered a print 'in the wild'?
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