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Studio YFS is the creative force behind Your Favourite STUFF and is responsible for the website, the collection, the prints and the patterns.

Studio YFS not only designs patterns, but is constantly looking specifically for contemporary prints and patterns. In addition to prints and patterns, Studio YFS is also enthusiastic about product development and is brimming with new ideas. 

In addition to our own work, we are also happy to help you and make tailor-made products.



Make it personal!

Customized product

Have you seen an article, but do you want it that little bit different, for that personal touch?

Or do you have specific wishes, such as this cool wall circle in the photo on the right? 

Do you think it could be a bit smarter at your office and do you want to improve the acoustics here or enjoy a nice lunch in the beanbags with your own print?

Then ask for the possibilities. Studio YFS can help you and fulfill your wishes.  

We are curious about what you enter below.


Are you a creative artist?

Studio YFS works together with designers. In this way a unique, fresh and changing collection is created, so that every interior gets a personal character.

Are you an illustrator, photographer, photoshop talent or design designer and does your style match YFS? Then sign up via the contact form below. Who knows, we may have a match!

Are you an interior blogger?

Are you an interior blogger and would you like to work together? Then ask for the possibilities. Who knows, you may soon be writing for YFS. 

As a stylist, are you brimming with ideas?

At Studio YFS it often starts bubbling and something suddenly pops up from nowhere! This is how the nicest creations are created spontaneously. Do you know that and do you have the feeling that there is a click? Let's exchange ideas and have a drink together!


Ask your question to the studio here

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