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Making patterns is really the thing that makes me very happy

Hi! My name is Romy Palstra, I live in a village in Groningen (the Netherlands). From an early age I knew that I wanted to do something with my creativity, but I didn’t expected that I would eventually become an illustrator. During my first art study I was very worried about having a talent, my classmates all could draw fantastically realistic and I just couldn’t. Through Instagram I discovered that I did not need to be able to draw realistic, but that there is also an “illustration world”. So I started illustrating as I do now and I don’t regret a day!

I did two art studies, but during these studies I also found out that you will only get somewhere if you work hard for something. 5 year ago I started my illustration business and my goals still motivates me every day to work hard and make “nice” things. At the moment my illustration work is making editorial illustrations, murals, comics and patterns. Making patterns is really the thing that makes me very happy, To see my prints on beautiful products sold at companies like YFS is really great!


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